Sunday, January 17, 2016

Steel and Iron

Okay, this is a couple of years late, but I found an old sketch I did right after seeing the Man of Steel movie.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Art! Science! Cats!

Halo and Sprocket #4 is now on Comixology. It came out several days ago, but I haven't had the chance to post about it. Katie, Halo, and Sprocket go to an art show. It was a fan favorite when it was originally printed in black & white many years ago. It's now in color and I've got to say I love it.

Here's a few panels. It's like a MINI ART GALLERY--!

This issue also has SCIENCE!


Go buy it now! I'll be glad you did.

PS - This post is a little late because we've been replacing our carpet with wood floors.

PPS - Our dog doesn't like it.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Season's Greetings! New Animated Comic cover!

Strange Adventures #79, from 1957. Original art by Gil Kane.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

All's well that ends well. Right?

Have you ever watched a time travel story where an event "never happens"? I personally think these type of tales should always be this short--

This story (and longer ones!) appear in Halo and Sprocket #3. On sale today on Comixology! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

There's a little George Lucas in all of us.

George Lucas often received grief from fans over the years for changing elements in his re-released Star Wars films. However, if you had the opportunity to go back and change some decisions you've made in the past, wouldn't you? It's a rare gift, really.

When I originally created Halo and Sprocket, I didn't realize parents would share them with their kids. I was merely writing stories that amused me. In hindsight, I understand why pages such as these would appeal to a wide range of ages.

One of the ideas that amused me was writing about Katie's crude and chauvinistic neighbor, Frank. To tell the story, I had to get crude and chauvinistic! No one batted an eye, except for this one scene below--

Long ago, a person told me that these pages was keeping the trade paperback out of a school library. I feel the scene is "PG", but it does have a slightly different vibe than most of my other situations.

So-- as I'm coloring pages for re-release on Comixology, I'm taking the opportunity to change things I feel could be better. This includes minor things. The biggest change, so far, is my rewriting of the above two pages. The joke wasn't great and baby/arrow shirts have disappeared from the public eye over the last decade. This was my chance to George-Lucas them into something different--

It now has a more timeless joke and is a bit more kid friendly. Probably. What do I know? I'm still merely amusing myself. :)

The "Being Frank" story appears in the second issue of H&S. On sale now on Comixology! A bargain at $1.99.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Superman and Batman. Who's better? Let's find out!

For decades, fans have argued who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman. It recently occurred to me that the best way to determine this is to see how they’d fare if one replaced the other on their comic covers. Will one fare better than the other? This should decide once and for all who's superior! I selected six covers and then created six alternative images.

First up, Superman #32. Superman is being hit by multiple lightning bolts--

--while Batman is screaming multiple obscenities. Winner, Superman.

Next, Action Comics #357, featuring kids with kryptonite. Looks like Superman is in loads of trouble--

--Batman, not so much. Punk kids. Winner, Batman.

Let's look at a fairly famous cover, Batman #497, where Bane broke Batman's back--

I always thought this Batman cover should have had a sound effect on it. Otherwise, it merely looks like a visit to the chiropractor. Regardless-- Winner, Superman.

Next, Detective Comics #583. Batman is cooler when he's surrounded by bats!

Superman is not cooler when surrounded by supers. Winner, Batman.

Two wins for Superman. Two wins for Batman. It's a close race! Let's take a look at a cover that has both heroes on it, World's Finest #54--

Now, let’s replace Batman with Superman and Superman with Batman.

It appears they are both equally as awesome! Suck it, Robin. Tie!

Lastly, Detective Comics Vol. 2 #37, the deciding image! Batman lives in a mansion and has a butler--

Winner, Batman!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My work now on Comixology!

I know many of you visit my blog to see my animated covers, my parodies, or possibly even Cross Panel Comics. If you enjoy any of these things, you should know that I've used exactly the same brain to create my Halo and Sprocket comics. Issue #1 is now on Comixology! Click here!

The original books were in black & white. I've taken this opportunity to not only color my pages but also fix a few things that have bothered since their original release. You can see a three page preview on Comixology. Not to be outdone, I've included three different pages here on my blog! Click to enlarge.

For a mere $1.99 you can buy my love. And, if you like what you see, please give the book a good rating. It will help others discover it too!